Wall Walking Flexion Shoulder Mobilisation

Wall Walking Abduction Shoulder Mobilisation

Subscapularis Stretch Broomstick

Sleeper Stretch Internal Rotation Deficit

Shoulder Mobilisation Broomstick

Shoulder Internal Rotation Medial Strengthening

Shoulder External Rotation Lateral Strengthening

Shoulder External Rotation Lateral Strengthening With Squeeze

Serratus Banded Punches

Pec Minor Stretch Doorframe

Pec Major Stretch Doorframe

Chest Stretch Doorframe

Banded Scapular Adduction

Shoulder Retractions Scapular Adductions

Subscapularis Stretch Doorframe

Kettlebell Scaption

Serratus Anterior Strengthening 1

Serratus Anterior Strengthening 2

Serratus Anterior Strengthening 3

Shoulder Stabilisation

Stir The Pot

Wall Slides Serratus Anterior

Wall Slides With Roller Serratus Anterior

Wall Washing

Standing Teres Minor Stretch

Standing Rear Row

Shoulder Opener Routine

Shoulder Mobilisation – Pendulum

Seated Rear Row


Serratus Anterior Activation

Overhead Reach With Jump Band

Lewis Technique

LaCrosse Ball Release Of Posterior Shoulder

Floor Sliders

Ellenbeckers 1. External Rotation

Ellenbeckers 2. Shoulder Extension

Ellenbeckers 3.Prone Horizontal Abduction

Ellenbeckers 4. 90/90 External Rotation

Depressed Shoulder Floss

Dynamic Hug

Bear Crawl

Serratus Anterior Strengthening - Floor