John Bradford

John Bradford – Doctor of Chiropractic DC, MSc, BSc, (Hons), MRCC, MRSM

John Bradford graduated from AECC in 1999 and has been in clinical practice for over 20 years. In this time, he has owned a practice in both Bournemouth and Oxford. He is now proud to be the owner of a double awarded Royal College of Chiropractic clinic here in Bournemouth, which is only one of 2 in Dorset.

During this time he has developed his clinical expertise which has culminated in working with several World Champion Gold Medallists, European & British Medallist as well with sports clubs; the Oxford Harlequins Rugby club and Phoenix handball team. He is currently enrolled on an International Sports Chiropractic programme.

In his practice, he prides himself on delivering a high standard of Chiropractic treatment in which he combines the latest technology (Shockwave, Cold Laser, RRT, V-Actor, Spinal Decompression), detailed patient education and prescribed video rehabilitation exercises, all delivered with a fun bedside manner.

His treatment goal is both to help prevent patients from further relapses and also to help them achieve their goals, whether it be a personal best in a sport or being able to return to gardening without pain!

John doesn’t have much free time with his dedication to his practice but when he does get away he enjoys running, open water swimming and most of all kitesurfing/windsurfing!

Klaudia Bradford

Klaudia Bradford – Sports Massage Therapist

Klaudia is both a qualified Sports Massage therapist and also our clinic manager, with years of high-level hospitality management behind her, she always aims to deliver a great service both within the Clinic and her treatment room. Klaudia is a level 3 sports massage therapist currently studying to complete her level 4 qualification. She also is qualified in pregnancy massage, lymphatic drainage and kinesio taping, personal training and nutrition coaching.

Her massages are complex having had years of experience with multiple therapists. She uses a variety of firm pressured arm and hand techniques focussing on specific muscular trigger point therapy. This results in great muscular tension release to overcome sports injuries, stress/tension and repetitive stress injuries. Outside of work she enjoys running and every so often takes part in 10k runs and Half Marathons raising regularly monies for the Aspire charity which helps people with spinal cord injuries to live independently.

Always keep trying to get the balance right between work and life outside work

Ben Goodall

Ben Goodall – Doctor of Chiropractic DC, Mchiro

As well as being a Chiropractor, Ben is a team GBR Tumbling gymnast; 2 time reigning junior British Champion and is came 3rd at the World Age Group Championships in Tokyo 2019.

It was his career in gymnastics that first introduced him to chiropractic which has helped him maintain a high standard of performance ever since. Despite his athletic background he loves working with patients of all ages and backgrounds having worked with children to retired folk to wheelchair users and more!

For Ben chiropractic is about helping anyone and everyone achieve whatever their aims are, whether its elite sporting success or being able to pick up their grandchild without pain, your life and values matter to Ben. Having graduated from the prestigious AECC university college with a Master’s degree in chiropractic with 1st class honours, Ben has a strong passion for continued learning and keeping up to date with the latest research, he even co-authored a paper last year that was published in the journal Chiropractic & Manual Therapies.

Jodie Wilson

Jodie Wilson – Doctor of Chiropractic DC, Mchiro

Jodie Wilson graduated from AECC University College – one of the world’s leading chiropractic institutions – with a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic.

Jodie is an attentive chiropractor who strives to serve her patients with the highest level of care. With a background in personal training and swim teaching, Jodie has an abundant understanding of how faulty movement patterns and lack of muscle activation can lead to under and overuse within the body. Patients adopt their own unique way of moving which can lead to pain and discomfort.

Prior work within the finance industry has enabled Jodie to appreciate how dysfunction within the body can be caused by daily stresses from physical, mental and emotional demands, as well as workplace ergonomics.

Jodie also has a keen interest in improving children’s well-being – volunteering her time to help out with children during after school activity clubs, from karate to assisting those with learning disabilities.
Jodie would love the opportunity to help her patients achieve improvements in all aspects of health and passionately believes nobody should suffer in silence.

Piotr Nita

Piotr Nita – Sports Massage Therapist

Piotr is a both a qualified Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist with 8 years of experience. He has trained in a variety of massage techniques including Classical, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Relaxing. His ultimate aim with these techniques is to take your pain and stress away to leave you truly relaxed and regenerated.

Piotr aims to live a healthy lifestyle by integrating sport and nutrition. He is an experienced personal trainer who loves to spend his free time in the gym, his passion is a powerlifting. He strives to always gain new knowledge and education in the manual therapy field.

Piotr has one of the most positive personalities you are likely to ever meet!

Jana (Snejana)

Jana (Snejana) - Sports Massage Therapist

Jana has 15 years of massage experience consisting of a wide range of styles such as; sports, classical, remedial and Chinese massage. She has worked within the UK and Europe in both private practice and Spa’s. She always puts her clients first and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals whether it is stress reduction, improved mobility or a return to sport. She puts in a lot of energy into her massage and it can be described as a vigorous, energizing and also tension melting experience! A wonderful combination that must be tried.

Kevin Berry

Kevin Berry - Sports Massage Therapist

Kevin qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer in 1999 and a few years later completed a BSc in Sports Therapy. He worked for Christchurch FC, Bashley FC and AFC Bournemouth for their youth team and academy for 10 years. Kevin continued his education in manual therapy with Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM), Kinesio Taping, and Trigger Point Dry-needling as well as massage masterclass course for the cervical spine and advanced massage techniques. More recently Kevin completed a master’s degree in Workplace Health & Wellbeing.

Ally Fry

Ally Fry - Sports Massage Therapist

Ally is currently a student at AECC studying for a masters in chiropractic which she has been committed to doing since being a very small gymnast. During her journey of studying, she enrolled in a sports massage therapy course which was a great way to explore all the tools involved in manual therapy. Ally is determined to help people to the best of her abilities and will strive to find the best approach for every patient. When she is not studying, Ally loves getting involved in gymnastics and tumbling which she coaches, judges and participates in herself to maintain general fitness. She also loves walking her dog!


Alissa - Front Desk Receptionist

Alissa discovered Chiropractic when suffered from back pain in the past so she knows and understands how difficult it can be on the road to recovery. Alissa joined the team in 2018 and since then has been making sure that every customer receives an exceptional customer service. In many cases, she is the first person you hear or see and she makes you feel welcome and at ease.

Alissa loves meeting new people, hearing their stories and connecting to them. Many come here with old injuries they had for years, some struggling to walk, some just had an accident and in a lot of pain; it’s so rewarding to hear and see how much better they feel when they come out. It is great to be a part of their journey back to health!

Alissa is delighted to be a part of the Back Pain Centre team with such a great reputation and so many success stories.