What to Expect

  • On the first visit you will be asked to fill out an Intake Form. This is to help us understand your condition and highlight any contraindications that could prevent you from receiving a massage.
  • If you are under 18 you need to be accompanied by a guardian/ chaperone
  • You are always welcome to bring your chaperone.

We will review and discuss the intake form with you to help get a better understanding of what your expectations/outcomes are and also to identify any contributing aggravating factors such as lifestyle or injuries.

  • Undress to underwear – it’s a good idea to bring along a pair of loose fitting shorts or vest top or wear appropriate underwear (that you feel comfortable receiving treatment in) We will also look at your movement around the affected area, to get an idea of your range of movement and levels of discomfort. You are welcome to bring along a chaperone (friend) if you like.
  • Treatment plan – We will give you a brief overview of what we plan to do prior to you getting on the table. If you have any questions about anything we mention, feel free to ask when we review the plan or at any point during the session.
  • On The Table – You will be asked to undress to your underwear, get on the table and be covered with a towel. Depending on the area being worked on you may only need to undress part of the way. Throughout your treatment you will be covered except for the area being worked on at that time. The treatments are quite active and interaction between patient and therapist in terms of full range stretching of arms & legs.
  • Pressure – The pressure can often be quite deep and may cause some discomfort but should never be too painful. If at any point it is too much just let the therapist know. Feedback from you during your treatment is essential so your therapist can adjust pressure or technique accordingly.
  • At The End of Your Session – you will usually be shown stretches or exercises to help you with your symptoms, either during or just after the massage. We will usually review the movement and or check your posture to assess for any immediate changes following the session.
  • After Massage advice and most common side effects– You can usually expect some soreness in the areas worked on, however, some clients have no soreness post massage. If you do experience soreness it should dissipate in 2-3 days.
  • Muscle soreness and fatigue: The aim of this massage is to penetrate through the top layers of muscle and work out the built-up tension in the deeper muscles. This, done with precise pressure techniques, leaves the muscles relaxed. And this in turn can cause a fatigue effect and some sore muscles. Any pain, discomfort and fatigue should not last more than a few days.
  • Pain: Because of the techniques used in a deep tissue massage and the pressure used to reach the lower muscles, some people may experience some form of discomfort and pain during and after the therapy. This is actually a common side effect. Any pain you experience in or after the massage should not last more than a few days.
  • Headache: You may get a headache after your deep tissue massage. Don’t panic. Headaches are not common but certainly not unheard of. They are not serious and usually go away in few days.