Hip Pain Treatment

Like the shoulder, the hip is a ball and socket joint, but is far more stable than a shoulder. Since the hip is a major weight bearing joint, osteoarthritis can cause significant problems. Over a lifetime, with changes in posture and weight distribution, there are corresponding changes in pressure in the hip joints. This results in damage and degeneration of the joint cartilage. Common conditions treated by Chiropractors are listed below, along with their symptoms:

Osteoarthritis (OA): Over a period of time pain can develop and build up in numerous places (side of hip, buttocks, groin, thigh and even the knee), and often caused restricted mobility, locking or ‘giving way’.
Hip pain can often be a symptom of low back or pelvic dysfunction. The pain can be a referred pain from a joint or muscle.

Your Chiropractor will discuss your symptoms with you, take a detailed case history and perform a thorough examination. Once a diagnosis has been confirmed, specific treatment options can be discussed.

Treatment generally involves pelvis and low back adjustments to reduce joint restriction and inflammation and joint mobilisation of the hip to restore normal joint function and soft tissue work to the tight/weak musculature which will reduce tension and further reduce pain.

Your chiropractor will also recommend work changes and/or rest, the use of ice packs, stretches and home exercises. It is important to be patient with your care as it can take weeks and months of treatment to improve. Put simply, each visit builds on the one before.