Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

(Pre Surgical Treatment & Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage)

Our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages are performed by qualified, insured and experienced Massage Therapists Klaudia who extended her knowledge in post cosmetic surgery tissue massage techniques.

*Prior to booking with us: we would always advise speaking to your doctor if your are planning/have recently had liposuction treatment

Pre Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Surgeons find it easier to make an incision through clean, well drained tissue, particularly in any sort of aesthetic surgery. It is recommended that patients have 1 to 2 Lymphatic Drainage Massages 2 to 4 days prior to the scheduled procedure.

These gentle therapeutic massages help to drain toxins and free radicals from tissue, creating healthier tissue going into surgery. This results in reduced bruising, swelling and overall discomfort for the patient.

Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage Massage

We recommend that clients have a minimum of 8 Lymphatic Drainage Massages starting from 5-7 days after surgery.
The First 2 massages should be scheduled 2 to 3 days apart, then if needed 1 to 2 more sessions 6 days apart for the treatment of developing scar tissue. You will feel much looser and have a decrease in discomfort after your sessions. These sessions speed up the recovery time, improve tissue elasticity and assist with rapid dissipation of swelling.

After a plastic surgery procedure, you may notice a hardness, water retention, swollen hematoma or lumpiness to the areas treated. This is normal right after surgery. These post surgery effects are caused by inflammation and trauma from the cannula used to suck out the fat. The channels that are formed by the cannula become filled up with fluid and the tissue around becomes swollen.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps to move the fluid by gently pumping it back into the lymph vessels, reducing the swelling, retention of fluids and pain after surgery, Without a Lymph Massage (MLD), without the inflammation can evolve into fibrosis (A permanent hardening of the tissue) or a seroma (pocket of serum), many doctors prescribe Lymphatic Drainage Therapy after liposuction or other plastic surgery procedures to make sure their patients get the best possible results from their procedure.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage