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What is Laser Therapy?

laser therapy systemLow Level Laser therapy is also now known as PhotoBioModulation (PBM) and perhaps more helpfully so, since its action involves the modulation of the biological activity of the body through the controlled delivery of light which is monochromatic and usually but not always coherent laser light.

The therapeutic effects of PBM treatment were discovered by Endre Mester, a professor of surgery, who observed improved hair growth and healing in tissue adjacent to his laser surgery but where only a low laser dose was received. His subsequent work provided the initial volume of evidence for the efficacy of laser in healing. 

Research has since shown the therapy to be dose dependent with effects which are bi-phasic in response but delivering appropriately low levels of light energy remains fundamental to achieving the desired biochemical effects. Low Level Laser Therapy equipment delivers the range of required light energy density with negligible thermal effect thus avoiding tissue damage through heat from excess power.

How it Works

how laser therapy works
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The physiological responses to Low Level Laser Therapy enable optimal repair in acute injuries and its stimulation of the body's repair processes can reinvigorate healing in chronic cases and conditions. Although research on precise mechanisms continues, three key effects have been identified:

1. Healing growth factor response through:

  • Increased ATP and protein synthesis
  • Improved cell proliferation
  • Change in cell membrane permeability to calcium up-take

2. Pain relief through:

  • Increased endorphin release
  • Increased serotonin
  • Suppression of nociceptor action

3. Immune system support through:

  • Increasing levels of lymphocyte activity
  • Photomodulation of blood

Low level laser is also used as an alternative medium in the practice of acupuncture where it provides an effective general needle-free alternative with distinct energising characteristics acting as a complementary medium in the suite alongside needles and moxibustion.

How Laser Therapy Helps

Drug-free and non-invasive, Laser phototherapy fits well with the chiropractic ethos. It both complements and helps consolidate chiropractic work whilst also adding extra strings to the Chiropractor's bow.

Using Laser offers the ability to deal with issues such as inflammation that would normally delay or prevent the chiropractic treatment being optimally effective and it provides an adjunctive analgesic treatment option particularly useful when somebody is in too much pain to be adjusted.

Chiropractors also report finding it quicker than massage for achieving soft tissue release and that they are therefore able to provide a whole-body treatment in less time by incorporating laser therapy. And beneficially, they find improved 'take' after adjustment when laser has been used.

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