Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) with Deep Oscillation

Perfect duo of therapies for after Aesthetic Surgery.

Deep oscillation therapy has proven effects in post (plastic) surgery and liposuction interventions. It reduces pain and oedema, improves mobility and promotes wound healing among other effects. It has been used in this field around the globe for many years, e.g. after mastectomy or breast reconstruction.

With DEEP OSCILLATION® swellings and oedemas can be relieved postoperatively considerably faster than with conventional therapies. Because it can be used at an extremely early stage, healing processes are stimulated and accelerated, local inflammation is inhibited and pain is reduced over a sustained period.Applicable immediately after injury and day one postoperatively. This significantly reduces pain, inflammation, swelling and bruising, breaking down stubborn fibrosis and scar tissue which boosts the body’s natural healing processes promoting dynamic wound healing.

DEEP OSCILLATION® causes a ‘shuffling’ of the basic substance in the interstitium, thus promoting the removal of interstitial fluid as well as content material (proteins, decomposing cell material, neurotransmitters, etc.). Interstitial septa and fissures are kept open by the mechanical activation, which helps interstitial drainage, which significantly reduces local oedemas, aseptic inflammations and swelling in the area of the wound. In chronic conditions, the treatment helps to disperse fibrosis and hardened tissue.

What does the DEEP OSCILLATION® do to the treated tissue?

When should I not be treated with the DEEP OSCILLATION® ?

Do not use DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal AESTHETICS if you have:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage