If you are quite an active person who engages in a physical sport or attends the gym, shoulder pain is a very real threat for you. Interestingly enough, shoulder injuries are extremely common but pain is more often than not a result of gradual wear and tear of the joint.

Unfortunately, there are many cases of people who are active or attend the gym for example but are not aware of how to look after their bodies’ prior, during and post workout. For physically demanding activities, people can often be too ambitious and put their body under more strain than it can cope with. Any activity where you are using your arms a great deal such as swimming, lifting weights at the gym or tennis put you at risk of having an injury. If you ignore what your body is telling you, it could lead to more serious repercussions. But just taking time off in the short-term is likely to lead to repeat offenses.

For longer-lasting relief/ avoidance of shoulder pain for gym-goers or anyone else who is active, you should replace exercises with others that do not put strain on or inflames your muscles. Activity is not always the main cause for shoulder pain, so be aware that other factors such as your family history and type of pain that you are experiencing will come into consideration. To find the root cause of the problem your chiropractor will undertake a few tests on you and prescribe a recovery plan including exercises and possibly even spinal adjustments if symptoms are severe or require extra attention. Book an appointment with us now to have a consultation and aid your shoulder pain. In the mean time, hot and cold compresses can supply immediate, short-term relief from the pain.