During pregnancy your hormonal changes and the growth of your uterus can causing aching in the lower back. Due to your uterus growing, it shifts your centre of gravity and weakens your abdominal muscles, this then in turn changes your posture (no choice on your own) and puts strain on your back. In addition during pregnancy you are prone to weight gain therefore your muscles are having to work harder and there will be increased stress on your joints.

How can you help you?

Exercising is the best way to sooth bad back during pregnancy even if it sounds like the last thing you want to be doing. Always make sure before any form of exercise you check with your GP its ok to do so as it could harm you or your baby. However if you have been given the all clear, one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy is swimming. Swimming allows you to re build your strength in your abdominal muscles, and due to being in water, you’ve taken the stress off of your joints. Joining a weekly swim class will keep back pain to a minimal.

Yoga can be very beneficial during pregnancy, however you must take precautions, some poses can stretch the muscles too much and this should be avoided as your muscles will be weaker whilst pregnant due to hormone relaxin.

It is also advised to sleep on your side whilst you are pregnant with a pillow in between your legs as it takes stress off the back. Avoid sleeping on your back as the weight of your uterus is pressed onto you spine, blood vessels and muscles and could lead to aches and pains, hemorrhoids and impaired circulation.

These simple changes to your everyday lifestyle will allow you to have an easier pregnancy.