During pregnancy and childbirth a woman’s body will go through a lot of changes, with back pain being common in women for several weeks after giving birth. Back pain can return due to lifting your child on a daily basis, and as the child gets older and heavier your chances of back pain will increase.

Did you know a child between 7-10 pounds is lifted by their mother around 50 times a day?!

Just by following a few easy steps you can help avoid back pain and other injuries in the future.

So many women are very conscious of their “baby weight” and it can be hard to shed this extra weight. It is recommended that women try to lose the majority of their baby weight 6 weeks after giving birth as the added weight will apply pressure to your bones especially the back. Mothers who have had a C-section should be more cautious and wait 6 weeks, then seek medical advice before exercising.
Try exercising during a time when the baby is napping, stretching exercises on the floor for just 10 minutes a day will help restore your muscles in your back and abdominal.

If breast feeding try to ensure you are sat in an upright chair, have a pillow on your lap and bring the baby to the breast rather than leaning over, this will relieve stress on the lower back.
When picking up a baby bend your knees, then lower yourself down to your baby not using your waist, that way there’s no added pressure on your back. Whilst carrying the baby you should consider wearing a baby carrier or sling, carrying a baby on your hip causes the back to be out of alignment which can overload your back muscles.

By using these helpful tips you will give yourself a much better chance of avoiding back pain during the early months of your baby’s life…