Travelling long distance whether you are in a car or on a plane can be hard for people who suffer from back pain, but by following some easy steps, travelling can be a painless and easy experience.

Support your feet

Whilst you are sat down if your feet are not placed on a flat hard surface this can apply pressure to your lower back, therefore if you are in a seat that is too high to reach the ground, use a foot rest (or something that is equivalent), which will keep your legs at a right angle. However, when driving you cannot keep both feet on the floor so if you have it cruise control consider using it for long distances.

Make sure you stretch!

Sitting for a long time can cause stiffness, especially during a long haul flight make sure you get up at regular intervals and spend time stretching your hamstring and your hip flexor muscles. Even if you are driving, make a stop and allow time to stretch and walk around, this will allow your muscles to stretch and stops stiffness and tension.


When sitting for long periods of time make sure you are sat correctly, slouching can put added pressure onto your spine and lower back. When sitting for a longer period of time, make sure your back is straight and aligned with the back of the seat and the headrest is supporting your head, and keep your shoulders straight, avoiding slouching. Just by making these few changes to how you sit during long journeys you will lessen your chances of pain during your trip.