Gardening can apply a lot of pressure on your muscles whether you are digging, weeding or lifting any heavy objects.

By following a few steps, gardening can be made an easy and pain free task.


Try to avoid lifting anything too heavy. When picking up objects, keep the spine straight, bend at the hips and knees and not your waist as your hips are stronger and able to deal with a heavy load, rather than your waist. Lifting heavy items incorrectly will put a strain on your lower back muscles and could cause serious problems in the future.

Weeding and potting plants

When weeding the beds you are going to be at floor level for longer length of time. The best way to stay clear of any back injuries is to find an appropriate stool or seat to sit on rather than your hands and knees, this will avoid added pressure onto your knees, hips and back.  However any task you are completing for a long period of time will takes its toll on your back so whilst sat on your stool or chair make sure you are sat upright on your sitting bones, and take regular breaks to stretch.

Mowing the lawn

Standing or walking in a semi-flexed posture while pushing a heavy mower places huge stress on the lower back. Muscles can become tired quickly and ache, leading to pain which can feel like an intense throbbing.

To prevent back strain when mowing, keep your back as straight as possible, shorter pushes are better than longer ones, and remember to keep the wrists straight.