Bournemouth Half Marathon on 8th of October 2017 for ASPIRE

Here at the Back Pain Centre we are a group of chiropractors, physiotherapists, sports and fascial release therapists who are passionate about fixing painful conditions of the spine and body or simply tuning bodies to their best potential!

Whilst we spend everyday treating and maintaining pain-free conditions we are hyper-aware of what can happen during accidents/injures and of disease processes of the spine that are not so easily fixed. These can be debilitating and crippling, not only for the person affected but also for their families, friends and those around them.

As such, we wanted to do our bit to raise awareness and funds for Aspire Spinal Injuries Charity, to help the people who unfortunately can’t benefit from our clinical skills.

Bournemouth Half Marathon October 2017 is now completed  total raised: £ 1079.80

Bournemouth & Steventon Back Pain Centre Team