Your underwear and outer wear are clearly culprits as to why you may have back pain. But what about your accessories?

High heels

Heels are an obvious one, but you probably underestimate the damage they actually can have. This advice is probably aimed at those who work in an office or just wear heels on a regular basis. If you only dip your toe in the high heel pool on occasion then this is not for you! Back to the rest of us. A basic explanation is that you are shifting your weight towards the front of your foot. Not to mention squishing your toes into a restricted space. As well as this, you’re arching your lower back in an attempt to get to grips with your stability. Naturally this position forces your neck and head forwards too, which obviously can cause strain. Match this with a chunky statement necklace and you’ve got yourself a couple of days of discomfort almost guaranteed! If you want to avoid getting the foot spa and some deep heat out at the end of the day, perhaps opt for a comfier shoe as much as you can.


Thick straps are key! Like bras, your bags and shoulders need support. So aim to get a bag with a thick strap. Although it may not be the most fashionable way to wear it, wearing the strap on the opposite shoulder to the side your bag sits on will distribute the weight and prevent the chances of getting back pain. Another thing to consider is what you are carrying in your bag. Are you carrying unnecessary items around with you wherever you go? If you are carrying a laptop to work, is it essential that you take a handbag? It is not only more practical, weather-proof and better for your back, but rucksacks have gone in and out of trend, meaning you actually can find one that is also attractive.

In the name of fashion…

As a side note, we are just adding some food for thought. Have you ever tried something on before buying it and feeling really great, only to see yourself in the mirror later on or a photo of yourself in said item of clothing, to feel like it actually isn’t very flattering at all? Well, this also comes down to posture! When you try it on for the first time you stand tall and confident because you are comfortable in the private space of a changing room or in your home. The first time you try on a new piece of clothing is a rare moment as you wear it the way it was designed to fit you. Once you are out of the changing room, that moment is gone. You aren’t focused on how you look in it anymore, but too busy taking in the rest of the world around you, and as your behaviour changes, so does your posture. This gives you two possible paths to take. Work on your posture and wear your clothes with confidence. Or (and this one is recommended) consider choosing clothes that fit you properly in AND out of the changing room… your back will thank you for it.