Recently, we discussed why pencil skirts and jeans can cause you back pain. This week we are talking about how your choice of underwear can have a similar effect! So ditch your tight-fitting, fancy underwear and maybe grab your Bridget Jones pants and a cup of tea to prepare for this one.


As you have probably noticed, many well-known celebrities have been revealing corsets to be their biggest secret for getting that easy, no workout perfect bod. If you look deeper into these products, you’ll quickly pick up on how they can have negative impacts on your health. Some people have even said they had to train themselves just to manage staying in the product for longer than hours or even minutes at a time. Eventually, working their way up to wearing it for a longer period of time, working, working out or chilling at home.

The general method for using a corset is that you gradually tighten it over time. This puts a lot of stress on your back and spine, as well as restricts your breathing. And here is the big one – it also forces your internal organs to move into tighter spaces and attempt to find room that is no longer available. There are of course alternate methods that are cheaper, healthier and safer for you to get the body you want. Working out of course has other benefits too or spanx can give you an immediately smooth figure in the areas that you are concerned with. We recommend that you only use these for special occasions or now and again.


Spanx are a controversial one. Some claim that it can actually help your posture, which is why competitive athletes wear them. When you are buying spanx, tighter is definitely not always for the better! As tempting as it is to go one size smaller to give you that extra skinny waist, it is important that your spanx aren’t too tight for you! It will be difficult for you to do day-to-day activities and even with no movement at all, you will be uncomfortable. It doesn’t end there though; spanx can make breathing more difficult for you and ultimately restricts your back and spine from moving naturally. You will add strain, as the rest of your body will have to work harder in its place.


Depending on the size of your bust, this may or may not be a big concern for you. However, it is essential that you buy a good quality, supportive bra in order to benefit your posture and avoid strain. The qualities that you should be looking for in a bra are thick straps so that you aren’t adding extra tension to your shoulders. Also, avoid halter neck/ multi way bras, as the straps tend to be thin and put all of the weight on the back of your neck. If you can find one, a bra with a racer back are said to spread the weight across your back as opposed to your neck or shoulders which aren’t always the best support. Obviously this isn’t always appropriate under certain tops or in the workplace so the best option for you is to buy a supportive bra with thick straps for the best support!

Look out for the upcoming articles on how your accessories can cause back pain.