Leave it on the rack – save your back.

Fashion Tips for avoiding a bad back – Part 1

For some of you, your back may seem like it has a death wish. No matter what you do, you always seem to be experiencing some kind of pain in your spine, lower back, joints or neck and have no idea for what reason. Well, you are not alone. Day to day activities alone offer a million opportunities for you to disrupt your joints and you are probably already aware of the fact. If you want to know more about this then you can check out some of our other blog articles for more information on causes and relief.

 The topic of today however may surprise you. Have you ever considered that what you are wearing is actually the cause for your discomfort? No? Well, its not something that people immediately make a connection with so don’t worry about that – we are here to help.

What is “in season” right now could stay with you for much longer than you were prepared for.

We have all heard the phrase “no pain no gain” but just take a second and ask yourself is it really worth it?

We’ve identified what we think are the top culprits of today’s fashion below.

Tight Fitting Clothes

Pencil skirts have become a popular item in all of our wardrobes – the more fitted the better! Well, actually…they essentially wrap your legs together so that your knees are locked and movement is limited. If you are an advocate of the pencil skirt or fill your wardrobe with them for an effortlessly stylish look in the office, then maybe pull them all out and decide whether they are too restricted. As much as it could be your favourite skirt, your body should always be your priority. Wearing clothing like the known and loved pencil skirt, over time could actually start damaging your muscles.


Skinny jeans are here to stay…But don’t wear them too skinny. It is not hard to believe that wearing super-skinny jeans, although fashionable, are restrictive of your legs. There are tons of pairs available in hundreds of styles and fittings. So maybe opt for a pair of jeans with a stretchy fabric or slim fit. A little tip to know if your trousers and skirts are too tight, you should at least be able to put a finger under the waistband.

Having items like your phone or wallet in one of your back pockets when you sit will also disturb your posture. Doing such a little thing like this forces you to lean to one side. Therefore one glute is higher than the other which displaces your spine from resting in its natural position. Repeatedly making this offence simply worsens the placement of your spine over time.

Look out for the upcoming articles on how your underwear and accessories can cause back pain.