It’s that time of year again. Get ready for some joy and merriment, weather warnings and fork fights over that last spud!

You might not have realised this, but Christmas time is an extremely common time for all of those aches and pains to come out.

Stuffed like a turkey? Sweat it off with a little stretch

With everything that’s going on around Christmas time, somehow, we are more often than not, doing less (Well, once we get all the chores out of the way first…). Being in one position and not giving our body a break by moving around or going for a walk, we are putting strain on our backs and necks.

So during the breaks throughout all of those Christmas movies, maybe get up and make a cup of tea, or have a little stretch. Even better – during the film, just shift around a little, mix it up with your seating positions.

Avoid those pre-Crimbo biceps

Heavy lifting, whether you are carrying presents, sat on the floor attempting to wrap the most difficult shaped gifts, or even putting up ye’ old Christmas tree; There is a lot of potential here for you to disturb your back and add strain and stress in the most festive season!

Make sure that if you are struggling with a physically demanding task, stick your bottom out when you bend your knees and hips. This is one of those tips most people just don’t really think about. But trust us on this; it will make all the difference. Or, ask for help.