It’s that time of year again…It’s skiing season! But no one wants to get on the slopes that they have been looking forward to all year, just to get there and have to sit out because they are in pain. Skiing is a very physically demanding sport, so look out for these typical culprits when you are on your holiday in the snow.

  • Heavy Equipment that you are carrying on your body
  • Falling or even trying to avoid falling
  • Ski boots that are too tight
  • Not exercising before hitting the slopes

A lot of the above scenarios are likely to target your lower back.

So what can you do?

  • Exercise before your holiday to get your body prepared for the strain you will put on it while you are on the slopes (especially if exercise isn’t a part of your weekly/daily routine at home).
  • The muscles that need the most strength when skiing are your glutes, your core (stomach) and quads, so start doing those squats and stretches way in advance of your holiday if you can.
  • Stick to your level of ability when it comes to choosing the slopes.
  • Keep WARM
  • Don’t tighten your ski boots too much. You will only restrict your movement and hurt your leg muscles, all while straining your lower back to try to account for the pain in your legs…
  • Fall properly… Put your chin to your chest and tuck your arms and knees at the same time.

If it’s too late for you and you are suffering with the aftermath, here are some home remedies to ease some of the tension…

  • Keep stretching your muscles gently to keep them active.
  • With that in mind, try not to sit still for too long. Keep changing positions and stay as active as you can.
  • Give us a visit for advice and treatment.